Thursday, June 5, 2008


I added some new pictures from a camera which doesn't normally get used as a phone. I was at the house earlier and the county was out there taking pictures because they believe the damage was caused by a tornado. The national weather service was supposed to come out later today to determine if it was in fact a tornado. Guarantee that they will say it was wind shears. I wasn't there, but I haven't seen wind alone cause this kind of damage before. One piece of siding will have to be replaced (snap on snap off) but with all the limbs flying, no windows were broke, nobody was hurt, that's the most important part. The insurance companies are certainly busy today though! My friendly neighborhood agent said he had filed about 20 claims today at 4:30 pm. A tent (which wasn't up) damaged about 20 cars at Preston Ford. A near full silo was moved several inches off of its foundation at Nagel's. Unbelievable stuff!!! These pictures were all taken at my house in Preston.

I put all the pictures that I took today on photobucket.

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Knitty Geek said...

That was one seriously scary storm, sistah!