Monday, June 23, 2008


So my 100 year old office chair just threw my ass in the floor for the last time. Something has always been wrong with her, partly due to her age, and partly due to the fact that she used to belong around the board table. I don't know what happens in the board room, but those chairs, while they are a much higher quality and way more expensive than your average office chair, they seem to wear out way faster. I knew after I oiled my chair the last time and it stopped squeaking completely that something was wrong. Also, I couldn't sit completely straight, my hips were always skewed off to the right or left and this forced my back kinda out of whack. So a short while ago, while tapping out an email to Karen, I leaned back just a little and my chair leaned back a whole lot and with a lot of screaming and cursing, there I was in the floor for all to laugh at. I laughed at myself pretty hard too.

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Knitty Geek said...

I feel sort of responsible. You should totally talk your Powers that Be into letting you install an IM program at work so you don't need to type those emails to me, and then you and your chair would still be safe.