Monday, June 16, 2008

Must Have Monday

I'm sitting in my office trying to decide what moves me today. I take a big long gulp of water and just can't come up with what I would love to share with my friends today. Duh! My Sigg water bottle. Love love love this thing. We throw away a ridiculous amount of plastic water bottles every day, and you wouldn't throw them away if they looked this cool! My Sigg is aluminum but never tastes like metal. You also never have to worry about the cancer-causing things that leach out of plastic into your water, plastic bottles are only meant to be used once! Thank you Sigg for making my Monday!

3 equal yet different opinions:

FarFromFrostburg said...

I have to go there... Stuff White People Like: Bottles of Water


Knitty Geek said...

Oh I want. Much prettier than my Dick's Sporting Goods water bottle!

Laura and John said...

the big bummer is that: is still under construction