Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March edition Pinterest Party

We had our monthly Pinterest party on Sunday, as always it was great fun. This time we had 14 girls show up to make a craft. Quite an increase from our January party where we only had 4 crafters. Hopefully we will settle into a nice group of consistent crafters, although I do like the variety that new people bring.

I would love to see our little group split off and do several different crafts each month so each person could pick and choose which crafts interest them the most. In all actuality, this is one that I probably would've skipped. The initial project that we looked at just wasn't my thing, the more I thought about it though, the more I thought about how I could make it my own.

You see, I've mentioned before that I'm more of an earth tone kind of girl then the bright colors, also goes for pastels. I could not find easter eggs in the earthy colors that I wanted. I wanted more natural looking eggs, brown and white, with some little bluebird eggs thrown in for a pop. Lucky for me, they make spray paint every day! That was the secret to making this project my own! You will see the top picture with most of the wreaths from our group and then the bottom is a close up of my wreath. I just love how nicely the bow matches my little blue eggs.

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