Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest obsession!

Is everyone who tries pinterest just totally obsessed with it? I just love love love it! A friend of mine got the brilliant idea to start a facebook group for those of us who are obsessed and actually commit to get together once a month to create a craft together that we have been eyeing.

So inspiring to be among these wonderful ladies all doing something we enjoy!

Our first craft that we did was inspired by a mirror on pinterest decorated with vintage jewelry. I would have loved to have done mine the same way, but even shopping on ebay, enough vintage jewelry to fill the frame of a mirror was expensive! I was lucky enough to snag a mirror for cheap from a friend who is moving. A lovely oval mirror with an unfortunate gold frame.

I really struggled to find something that I just loved to do my mirror in. I finally settled on some 'fake' sea glass. It looks just like sea glass, it was just machine tumbled instead of ocean tumbled. Considering how much glass I needed to complete my mirror, machine tumbled was fine by me! I also got some tiny starfish and sand dollars to embellish my mirror once I had the glass all glued on.

Lots of hot glue (and burned fingers) later, here is the completed project! I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

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