Friday, June 25, 2010

yard sale goodness

Lots of goodies this last weekend. I will post each day with some of my finds, spread the love out! So here's some of my goodies.
From the left, a bamboo lantern which will make it's home inside my (to be built) bamboo pergola. cuteness right?
second is an oil lamp, I've got quite a collection of these believe it or not. Some from my my mom, and some from a friend who John and I helped clean out a home he'd inherited several years ago. This clear one for $1 will make it's home on top of my cabinets with the rest of them :o)
third is what I believe is called a 'pickle crock', I picked him up for $3, near perfect shape. I'm not thinking it's old, probably a reproduction, but either way, I think it will look nice with some blooms floating in it, floating candles, or perhaps a large pillar in some sand.
Lastly is what looks like a gnome home! it's another candle holder, but how quirky! I think it may get a white spray job ;o)

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