Saturday, June 26, 2010

big plans!

Ok, so I saw a blog online, which I don't have the ambition to find again to link to, but regardless, it gave me an idea for an old trunk. So when I saw this one for $2, I had to have it. The plan goes something like this: Turn the trunk on it's end, put casters on the end, one shelf in the middle, the bottom gets a large X out of wood to hold wine bottles, the top gets slots for sliding stemmed glasses in, then it becomes a portable wine bar. I'd love to think that I can find some time this weekend to at least start getting the inside of this trunk sured up to hold some weight. Not sure what I want to do with the hardware just yet, I may just wire brush it and spray it black... Also, not sure about the body of the trunk, I need to look at it some more. any suggestions are welcomed!

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