Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh I do love the spring! Here's something I made this weekend with some yard sale finds. I've been hunting down pots at yard sales knowing that I can find something creative to do with them, then sure enough, at one of the yard sales I went to, I saw something similar to this. I took a picture and HAD to make it as soon as I got home. Took one of my little pots into hubby's woodshop and found a dowel that fit appropriately and off I went. No, there is no glue required for this project. I would just make sure of 2 things:
1. Put the pot where you intend to leave it before you 'build' your pots up, I'm thinking this will lead to cursing and complete frustration otherwise.
2. 'Thread' one pot on at a time, dirt and flower it and then move on to the next one. The whole thing gets more stable as you add dirt to the pots, so I would just do one at a time.
I can't wait until my flowers start taking over so it's like a crazy mass of pouring flowers! Yay!

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