Friday, April 24, 2009

cell phone randoms

Some days I'm just amazed at how we all survived without cell phones for so long. And now picture phones??? I can't imagine how I went without a camera in my hand all the time! What's funny is, I get equally random pictures from friends, so I've included a few of them as well in this photo extravaganza!

The rainbow out my window at work last week. We've been having seriously crazy weather here, if my camera phone was better you could see it's actually a double rainbow. The building it's leading into is a smelly pharmacy with stuff leftover from the 70's in there... no pot of gold!
My snuggly Shorty. He does this every morning as I'm struggling to drag myself out of bed. Him cuddling like that doesn't make it any easier!

Yes, another new appliance. And there's one more on the way. This microhood came in yesterday and hubby was nice enough to hang it promptly for me. Is beautiful, no?

This poor sofa has made it's rounds to everyone's house, even the slipcover is worn out. It's Killian's new favorite place though. Close enough to the bed to keep an eye on us but she can give chase to a kitty quickly if need be!

Sent by Karen this week, a hoot head!

And a completed hoot owl gifty for yours truly! What to name him....

A BRIGHT green inch worm that hubby sent a picture of a little while ago.

Got this picture at like 6am this week from Beth. This is a shed that John spent last weekend putting together. Again, crazy weather.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Since I'm moving, not much time to craft or anything fun, so I'm going to share some random shots from the move.

Haven't unpacked my camera yet, so these were cameraphone and not fantastic.