Friday, May 30, 2008


So I've called in sick to work for 2 days, I came in today, even though I'm not really fully here. I'm hacking shit up, my throat hurts like I've swallowed sand, I can't hear anything, I have to breathe through my mouth and the antibiotics my doctor gave me make everything taste like pocket change. Oh, and I'm not even hungry... it's 11:30 and I'm not hungry, weird?

So I'm wearing comfy clothes and my feet are all swolen because being sick just throws my whole medication chemistry off so I'm wearing cheapo flip flops because they feel good. Yes, of course the president of the bank was in my office this morning and I saw him glance at my feet... just wonderful. At least my toes have pretty flowers right? So I'm sitting here, trying to get geared up to do something, and there's this poke... I adjust the bra straps and feel it again... poke.... yup... broken underwire! Send my ass home! Please!

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